lists nearby doctors and their availability

ZocDoc’s app, which is available on iOS and Android devices, asks for a user’s zip code and insurance provider and then lists nearby doctors and their availability, as well as information including reviews from other patients. Users can then select a time to complete the appointment booking. ZocDoc also offers a check-in feature so that patients can also send over a basic medical history before they arrive instead of filling out the medical history clipboard.

PillBoxie is another medication reminder app. It has an intuitive visual display that lets the user schedule a medication by dropping an animated pill into a pillbox. The reminders work even if the device is offline or asleep. At $1.99, PillBoxie is the only paid app on the list.

he mobile revolution is reshaping every industry—and the medical industry is no exception. Healthcare mobile apps are making their mark on the way small practices are delivering care by untethering that care from a particular location or time.

Being able to complete tasks on-the-go and having access to real-time information has become a necessity in medical practices today:

  • If you are unable to provide urgent patient care during emergencies or unable to track your patients’ health from any location at any time, then you are delivering an outdated healthcare experience.
  • Deploying software that integrates mobile technology, such as mobile patient portal or mobile EHR apps, can bring your practice up to speed.

The mobile healthcare tech world is moving fast: It’s set to grow from $1.77 billion in 2016 to nearly $19.39 billion by 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 40 percent. Healthcare mobile apps are more than a flash in the pan.

Below we’ve listed five ways small medical practices can hitch themselves to this upward trend and use mobile apps to improve patient care:

Through a patient portal mobile app, your patients will be able to do the following tasks instantly from anywhere:

  • Immediately connect with the practice and physicians using a smartphone to schedule appointments and also in case of any emergency.

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